Sunday, August 1, 2010

97 years old and looking good!

Our grandpa is in town this week visiting us from the south.  He is 97 years young and fit as a fiddle!  He is one of the friendliest people you would ever meet and has an optimistic outlook on life.  My Sister and I make a yearly trip to South Carolina to visit him.   Grandpa still drives his car to the grocery store, mows his own lawn and cooks and cleans his house.  He is a very busy and active man! 
I remember him telling me that he has always had faith that someone above is watching out for him and he knows it will always work out and it has.  Grandpa is always moving forward in his mind and his body.  I'm sure it also helps that he has healthy eating habits.  Plenty of fruits, vegetables and fish are what he likes to eat.  He has always lived his life gracefully and is an inspiration to us all!
Long live Grandpa!

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Sasa said...

Awesome!!! Great photo and inspiring words, you Rock!! Great seeing you & the kids!!