Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Fling

At least once a year, my husband and I get dressed up to go to a formal event.  This year we had two back to back.  I usually dread them because going means I actually have to think about what to wear besides jeans and a tee shirt.  A friend took this picture from their i phone and emailed it to us today.  We don't have very many pictures of the two of us since I am usually the one taking all the pictures. 
My husband turns 40 in a couple of weeks.  Everyone thinks he looks young for his age and I think so too.  Happy 40th Birthday Honey! 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

This kid knows how to manifest!

Today we were walking in a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis.  It was a great family event and at the end they had a raffle.  Nathan said that he really wanted to win one of the two scooters available.  I reminded him that he needed to tell the universe exactly what he wanted, know that it is going to happen and let it go and he did.  A little later on he came to me and said he was a bit nervous because he really wants it.  I told him if he doesn't believe that it is his then it won't be.  I asked him which color he wanted and he said he wants the red one.  I told him to picture himself riding it at home today and to feel the joy of it and then to let it go.  He did all that and skipped away.  About 10 minutes later they were announcing the raffles and the winners.  The scooter drawing was one of the last to be announced.  The blue scooter went first to some lucky kid and then came the drawing for the red scooter.  I saw the girl reach in the bowl and sure enough....she said Nathan!  yay!  This is not the first time he has won a raffle.  He has won at least five that I can remember.  He believes in the power of the universe and he is proof that it really, really works!